Who are we?

Who are we?

Welcome to the official web site for Rochester Airport Consultative Committee (RACC). 

All aerodromes, to which section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 applies, provide facilities for consultation and Rochester Airport has done this through establishing the RACC and this website.

The value of the RACC is to Airport users and neighbours alike, through disseminating information to them and responding to their comments.

Anyone may make contact with the RACC, to the Chairman, or to Rochester Airport Limited (please see contact information below). Contact may also be made via a Committee member. The Airport’s neighbours may find it convenient to make contact via their Parish or Ward Councillors, who are RACC members, as are elected members of Medway Council.  Airport users may do so via an RACC member or directly to Rochester Airport Limited.

Membership of the RACC can be by organisations only, both private and governmental and may change by mutual consent.

Although the RACC meets infrequently, it can deal with issues on an ad hoc basis. While it may take a collective view on a given issue, the Chairman will act impartially in responding to contrary opinions or conflicting interests, should any be brought to his attention. 

Points of contact

Malcolm Moulton - RACC Chairman
Chairman, Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Limited. 
Tel:  01795 843172. mmoulton01@aol.com

Paul Britten - RACC Web Manager
Director, Rochester Airport Limited
Contact: 07976969163  pbritten@rochesterairport.co.uk

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